The Catholic University of America

Individual Tutoring

How to get started: If you think you might need some extra help with one of your classes, come visit the Welcome Desk, Second Floor Mullen Library, between 10am and 9pm M-Th (until 5pm on Fridays) so that you can sit down with one of our Tutoring Coordinators to discuss your needs, fill out a Tutor Request Form, and get started working with one of our tutors. You can also begin the process online via the Nest**.

Cost: Individual Tutoring is available at a very low cost ($55 per course for a full semester and $35 per course for requests submitted after the University midterm date) charged to your Student Account by the end of the semester.

If we do not have an available tutor, we will begin recruiting immediately. This process may take several weeks. We encourage students to utilize our Subject Labs whenever possible.  

NOTE: All Math course tutoring takes place through the Math Center. You do not need to fill out a request for a Math tutor. Just check-in at the Welcome Desk on the second floor of Mullen Library.

Instructor referral: Instructors may also refer students for tutoring by filling out our referral form on the Nest**. (NOTE: Students will still need to authorize the request to complete the process. They can complete the Tutor Request Form at the Welcome Desk, Second Floor Mullen Library.)

Questions? Email Dr. Vanessa Corcoran (, Assistant Director of Tutoring Services, with 1) the student's name, 2) course information, and 3) any relevant contextual information that will aid in the process of connecting the student with support resources.

How to become a Tutor: Applicants must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA and must have received an A or A- in the course for which they are applying to become a tutor. For language courses, applicants must demonstrate either proficiency in reading (for lower level language courses) or fluency in speech (for upper level language courses). If you would like to apply to become a tutor, please drop by the Welcome Desk, Second Floor Mullen Library, anytime between 9am and 6pm M-Th (until 5pm on Fridays) to fill out a Tutor Application Form or submit your application via the Nest**. Tutors are hired as needed on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, so please don't hesitate to apply!

**Note: You will need to sign in to the Nest before the links will work.**