The Catholic University of America

Are you a Visual Learner? Come to CAS to find out!

You are probably a visual learner if you:

  • Learn better when you read or SEE information
  • Prefer reading from a textbook instead of listening to a lecture
  • Write down things you want to remember

.To get the most out of lectures:

  • Sit in the front and away from stimuli like doors and windows

  • Look at professors while they're speaking - visual cues like gestures or facial expressions can help you stay focused on what he or she is saying

  • Ask professors to repeat, further explain, or display on the board important auditory points you may have missed

  • Make sure your notes contain all visual material - from an overhead, off the chalkboard - from the lecture; If professors are using PowerPoint, ask if they could print you out a visual handout of the slides.

To maximize studying:

  • Recopy the day's notes, adding visual highlighting, color, and diagrams

  • Preview a chapter by first looking at title, headings, pictures, and charts.

  • Before reading an assignment, set a specific study goal and write it down: "In the next hour I will read pages 55-65 and answer questions 1-10."

  • Use color and highlighting to mark up textbooks, handouts, and lecture notes

  • Study by yourself and in a quiet place

  • Write vocabulary words, in color, on index cards with short definitions on the back; review them frequently

  • Visualize things you need to remember - exaggerate visual oddities to make them memorable

  • Listen to music while working on structured assignments like foreign language translation or math problems; it will siphon off auditory distraction and free up your visual processing.