The Catholic University of America

Additional Resources:

CUA Support Services:

     ♦ The Writing Center                    ♦ Modern Language Labs

     ♦ The Math Center                       ♦ Career Services

     ♦ Disability Support Services        ♦ Health Center

     ♦ Counseling Center                     ♦ Residence Life

     ♦ Dean of Students                      ♦ Campus Ministry 

     ♦ Consortium of DC Universities    ♦ CUAbroad


Study Resources:


  • A fast and easy way to cite sources and learn about proper citations

  • A great reference site which will help you expand your vocabulary and understanding

Standford Philosophy

  • Find great insights and articles about philosophic issues


Extracurricular Opportunities:

     ♦ Campus Activities                      ♦ DC Tours

     ♦ National Gallery of Art                ♦ American History Museum

     ♦ National Air and Space Museum ♦ Holocaust Memorial Museum

     ♦ National Archives                       ♦ The National Zoo

     ♦ Folger Shakespeare Theater       ♦ Rock Creek National Park

     ♦ Ford's Theatre                           ♦ Alexandria Colonial Tours


Other CUA Resources:

Teacher Evaluations

  • Review teacher evaluations before making class selections for next semester

Library Resources

DC Resources:

Exploring DC

  • 100 fun and free or nearly-free things to do in the DC area

Metro Schedule

  • Avoid long waiting periods for the Metro with an online schedule

Weather Information

  • Get accurate and current information about the weather; CUA's zip code is 20064


Study Spaces in DC:

     ♦ Starbucks                                    ♦ GW Library (map)

     ♦ Georgetown Library (map)         ♦ American University Library  

     ♦ Library of Congress                    ♦  Illy Cafe

     ♦ Barnes & Nobles                        ♦ Kramerbooks&Afterwords (map)